Sticky Love Pack

Free hand drawn animated stickers to add a little love to your iMessages! These stickers will show up right in iMessage, when you tap the little A icon beside your text entry window. Look for the Sticky Love Pack and start spreading the love!  

Need Help?

I’d love to help you! Please visit our Facebook page  or use the following form to send us an email. We check it compulsively, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you’re just not sure what we’re talking about, here’s a great article from MacRumors explaining how to use Stickers in iOS 10….

Halloween Sticker Pack

Halloween is sneaking up on us like a scary ghost… ready to add some magic to your messages? Monsters, candy, jack-o-lanterns, and even some fangs to spook up your selfies! Enjoy the creepy crawlers and have a happy Halloween!

Pets Sticker Pack

Pets add so much to our lives, why not have them add something to your messages? Cats, dogs, and more, all waiting to add some sweet snuggles to your SMS.

Dinosaur Sticker Pack

Who doesn’t love Dinosaurs? Grab some stickers and take your iMessages back in time to when the Earth was green, and covered with dinosaurs, great and small! Which one is your favorite?

Election Sticker Pack

Need to express your feelings about this year’s election? Well, we’ve got some great stickers to help you with that! Featuring classic American icons like the bald eagle and the White House, you can show off your patriotism in style!

Birthday Sticker Pack

Hey hey, it’s your birthday! Celebrate it with stickers! Add a cake and some number candles to your pictures, don a party hat, or send some flowers to a friend… and have a Happy Birthday!

Chat Sticker Pack

The cliche states that a picture’s worth a thousand words, and with all the typing you do in iMessage, why not replace a few key phrases with one of these cute stickers?

Fall Sticker Pack

Autumn is here, spice up your messages with some fall themed stickers! Tuck a turkey on a text, place a pumpkin pie on a picture, maybe slip a squirrel on an SMS? Celebrate Thanksgiving in style with our Fall Sticker Pack!